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Our Commitment…
With over 40 years of experience and transactions in nearly every country, Champlin Firearms and JJ Perodeau, Gunmaker has long been the leader in the Buying, Selling Trading, and Service of quality firearms.
About consignment
For over 30 years we have been selling guns consigned by our customers all over the world. In most cases we need to see the gun to determine its value. Once the selling price is agreed we will give the gun a lot of exposure; ads in magazines, major gun shows, hunting conventions and an accurate description with quality pictures on the internet. We ask a 15% fee.
Ammunition & Reloading
We can help you with most of your ammunition needs, from reloading your nitro express brass to manufacturing 4 bore cartridges. A few examples of our services: Load development to achieve velocity, individual barrel accuracy and best grouping. Practice loads with ligther bullets (ex;450ne with 350 gr bullet). Great for the ladies, younger shooters, or your plains game harvesting. Hard to find cartridges with intensive transformation of existing brass (9.3x74R to 8x60R) or from scratch (CNC machined brass for 8 bore and 4 bore). In any case we will need the gun for proper fit and obvious safety concern. Please call us for quote. In any case , we do not recommend substitusion of nitro powders for black , and are not responsable for excursion beyond proof.
We can appraise your gun or collection for insurance or other purposes. Each piece will be valued in the light of the national market. We can do the appraisal in the shop or in the case of larger collection in your domicile. Please call us if you need more information.
Blind-mans sight and hood
A great number of our customers have complained about the size of the front bead on doubles. It is unfortunatly true that we cannot all see like a 20 year old. In that light we build front sight with warthog ivory (it stays white) insert, in diameter from .060" to .125" for a faster target acquisition.
$120.00 sight, $120.00 hood
Claw Mounts (complete)
The most practical quick detach scope mount,off and on in a fraction of a second and a guaranteed return to zero.For modern scopes we use German EAW components hand fitted to the closest tolerances, or we can fit an era scope on your pre-war rifle with hand made components for a perfect match.
$1200.00 and up
Glass Bedding
One of the major steps in accurising a rifle,insuring a 100% contact between the action and the stock, preventing cracking on heavy recoil caliber and warping in high humidity condition.
H & H Scope Mount
Individually handmade from high strength steel(EDT 150)to accommodate the scope of your choice on your bolt rifle or double rifle.
$1,600.00 and up
Installation of Mercury recoil reducer
They do make a difference!We fit them to large nitro rifles and the customers can enjoy there doubles without cosmetic changes, very little weight and balance alteration,and no need of regulation.Offered in three sizes for most application.
from $120.00
Leather Pad
The classic look. We cover quality pads like Pachmayr or Silvers with hand picked skins for a no wrinkle finish. From 1/2" to 1 1/2" length and in the color of your choice. We see quiet a few, ours fit .
Lengthen Forcing Cone
Long forcing cones improve the pattern, but also reduce the recoil and the pressure. Hand cut from 1" to 2" then honed to match the bore finish.
$60.00 per tube
Mechanical Evaluation
Includes checking chambers , bores condition and size, condition of the action and locks, fit and strength of the stock.The gun will also be shot with a reasonable load, inline with the proof house marking. We also will tell you what we know about the gun and his maker.
2.5 % of fair value.
Minimum Charge
Mod 70 shroud safety
A more scope friendly safety for your Mauser.
Open Choke
Hand cut with the best reamers available. True to the bore and to the thousand, honed and checked for pattern and point of impact.
$70.00 per tube
Rebarreling: Bolt Rifle
We use air gauge barrel blanks only, the thread is cut to fit your action then lapped,head spaced tight and the throat is cut to the bullet of your choice. Profiled from feather weight to bull barrels. Freezing for stress relief add $75.00.
from $1000.00
The barrels are struck ,polished and blacked using a non mercuric solution (to preserve solder integrity)for 10 to 12 coats. Then one coat of finishing solution to give them shine and a very deep black color. Not only does it look good but it is tough.
$300.00 & up, pluse engraving recut
Re-Chamber Double Rifle
In the 60's a fairly large number of double rifles had been built in 458 Winchester mainly because of the disappearance of Kynoch ammunition. Today the 450 3 1/4 and 450#2 are available. Why keep a high pressure rimless round, when the nitro express calibers will achieve at least the same ballistics with the positive extraction of a rimmed case?
$480.00 plus regulation if needed
Recoil Pad (Pachmayr)
We encourage the use of the sporting clay model,it has the best of both worlds. First a superb recoil absorbtion, second an insert at the heel that slide nicely on hunting jackets.
Recoil Pad (Silvers)
A classic on British doubles. We hand polish them to 600 grit and they are smooth!
Re-Cut Checkering
$275 and up
Refinish Stock
A beautiful piece of walnut may be hiding under 100 years of oiling. That is why we start every refinishing by getting the old oil out of the stock (thinner or ch3cooh). Then we steam out the dents as much as possible, what will not come out will be sanded or filled depending of its location. After sharpening the edges we will proceed to grain raising, grain filling and oil finish.
from $400.00
Regulation of barrel convergence
This one is a challenge: New barrels or 100 years old barrels? Originally regulated beautifully or not? For cordite or flake powder? The bullet weight and shape? The individual barrel accuracy? There is a few guide lines about it, but nothing is chiseled in stone. Considering the amount of parameters it would take a powerful computer to lay out the proper squeeze for a set of barrels, a load and a shooter. Then that computer will not solder as good as my yellow lab would. On the first try I satisfy 90% of my customers, and if your rifle doesn't perform the way it should I will regulate again (under guaranty).
$750.00 plus amunition
The hinge pin is the part of a break open shotgun or rifle that takes the most punishment. During the firing it keeps the barrels on the face of the breech. Then it wears slightly at each opening and closing. It is better to re-joint a gun at the first signs of looseness because the wear will grow exponentially. On guns with removable pin we replace it with an over-sized pin made of EDT 150 steel. On non removable pin we TIG weld the lump with chrom-moly steel.
$350.00 and up
Remove dent from barrel
We use hydraulic tools that in most cases will not mare the bluing and give a flawless result inside and outside.
$50.00 plus re-black if needed
Replacing Spring
We heat treat our springs in an oven to insure the most even treatment as possible.
$120.00 and up
Restocking: Bolt Rifle
from $2000
Restocking: Boxlock Rifle
The restocking is done entirely by hand in the shop. We keep over 300 blanks of high quality european walnut that you can choose from. We also have a try gun if you need accurate stock dimensions. The stocks are oil finished to insure perfect grain filling,resistance to wear and climatic conditions.
from $3500
Restocking: Boxlock Shotgun
from $3000
Restocking: Sidelock Rifle
from $3750
Restocking: Sidelock Shotgun
from $3500
Shop Hours
$90.00 per hour
Stock Bending
We use hot oil and we guaranty to not alter the finish. In most cases we can get the dimensions you need. We never broke a stock , knock on wood !
Straightening of bent barrel
Most bent barrels can be saved.
Strip and Clean (Box Lock)
Strip and Clean (Side Lock)
Complete cleaning and inspection, including flame bluing of the screws.
Swing Mount
A very sturdy scope mount made by EAW in Germany. It has been tested with 10,000 simulated recoils of 458 Winchester magnum without losing its fit or getting away from zero. A very good setup for a model 70.
$600.00 and up
TIG Welding
$30.00 and up
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